Calculate your ROI for digital contracting software

Digitalising your contracts by investing in a contract lifecycle management (CLM) system creates a significant business impact. Discover how much value and savings digital contracting solution will bring across your business with our return on investment calculator.

⭐️ Cost Savings
Save 8 hours per every contract with Precisely CLM
⭐️ Make contracts a business asset
Make a direct impact on your bottom line by automating contracts
⭐️ Fast ROI
Precisely customers get a full ROI within months, not years
⭐️ Value for the entire business
Sign contracts faster, secure more deals, avoid unsigned contracts
⭐️ Let us help you
Calculate your contract management ROI and let's discuss more

CLM ROI Calculator

Choose your preferred form and data input below and let us show you how much time and money you could be saving with Precisely contracts automated.

How does the CLM ROI calculator work?

What would the return on investment (ROI) be for your contracting automation software?

To get an estimate on this – the ROI – please fill the form above with information such as how many people work with contracts in your organisation or how many contracts you handle on a yearly basis.

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The calculator is based on key industry numbers, research data from IACCM, ACC and EY research combined with Precisely CLM customer results.

Want a more customized calculation?

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