The ultimate guide to contract cifecycle management

Let’s take a look at the contract lifecycle management (CLM) process and the many stages of it.

What is contract lifecycle management?

What is contract lifecycle management, and how do you manage contracts efficiently? The answer to this question, in terms of execution, remains more or less the same as before.

However, technological improvements over the past few years have begun to offer drastic changes to the methods and tools by which we do it.

In this white paper, we take a closer look at what contract lifecycle management actually is. We also cover topics that help you understand, and use, tools to make your workflow faster, with solutions, tips and tricks.

Key takeaways


A big part of the operational phase relates to setting routines
It is during the operational phase that mainly general (not contract-specific) prep work is done.
After routines comes the transactional phase
This is the contract-specific phase. To clarify, this means that many agreements you carry out go (or at least should go) through it.
Follow-up and iteration matters
After establishing what the contract management process looks like in theory, it’s time to ask some important questions. How can software improve the different stages of the contract lifecycle? And how do I apply it to my business?

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