Create and sign contracts in HubSpot

Integrate your contract workflow with HubSpot. Let your sales team send and sign compliant contracts created from your latest templates, all within the CRM system.

Illustration showing the integration between HubSpot and Precisely.

Effortless contracting

Draft legal-compliant contracts in seconds using your HubSpot data and pre-configured templates. Empower your sales team to create and send contracts independently without leaving the CRM.

  • Enable self-serve contracts
  • Sales never have to leave HubSpot
Contract template selection in HubSpot CRM with Precisely integration

Legal compliance without bottlenecks

Let your legal team control templates and workflows, ensuring compliance. Sales draft quickly with automated approvals and up-to-date templates, freeing legal from repetitive tasks while maintaining control.

  • Ensure compliance with preset structures
  • Legal stays in control
Mapping HubSpot fields to contract templates in Precisely integration

Track document statuses and progress

Stay updated with real-time tracking in HubSpot. Get instant updates on your contracts as they move through drafting, approval, negotiation, and signing stages, helping you secure signatures faster.

  • Gain full insights
  • Collaborate more efficiently
Real-time tracking of contract status in HubSpot with Precisely integration
Sales Administrator at Foleon

“Since we started using Precisely, our order forms and sales contracts are always correct. It takes so much work off our shoulders.”

Sabrina Beer
Sales Administrator at Foleon

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