Automated contract collaboration and negotiation

Collaborate with multiple parties and negotiate contracts while staying in control, reducing risks, and increasing efficiency of your team and other departments.

From draft to approval in minutes

To come to an overall agreement, you often need input from both colleagues and external counterparts. This can, of course, quickly turn into a lengthy process. Especially when considering the entire contract lifecycle. For example, contract creation, approval, signing, negotiation and collaboration.

Precisely, however, automates this process. All while giving you access to easy-to-use templates, management, storage and more. And furthermore, it’s all in one place.

Negotiate with external counterparties inside Precisely. No account needed for redlining and commenting.

Effortless negotiation and collaboration

In any case, Precisely makes it easy to collaborate on contracts with colleagues. Most important, you get an overview of data and analysis. In short, this is where all negotiating parties can see the changes. Plus, they can also track the timeline until signature.

  • Access, review and comment in detail on contracts in one single platform.
  • Get quick feedback through sharing contracts with stakeholders.

"By empowering all our departments across offices in several countries with self-service automated contract templates, we’ve drastically increased our efficiency and at the same time improved risk management."

Christoffer Lötebo

Collaboration lets you reach agreements faster

Make negotiation and collaboration hassle-free during talks between you and your counterparties.

When a business conducts contract negotiation through a contracting platform, they can also invite other parties to review and negotiate. They can also give them the ability to comment, suggest, and add their own proposed version. In this case, cooperation is effortless and therefore agreements are reached much faster.

"Setting up a simple NDA used to take 10 minutes, but with Precisely it takes less than 2. Saving time in contract creation has had a huge impact on our ability to manage new businesses and to sign new influencers."

Damien Boutigny
General Counsel of NA-KD

Stay in charge and stay compliant

As has been noted, unauthorized changes can quickly become costly. With automated solutions, you can set predefined approval processes for your contracts. Once you give access to a digital contracting platform, your teams can create new contracts in minutes. While also still remaining within Legal’s pre-approved guidelines. In addition, administrators can easily set rules for users’ overall access, view activity logs, and share or limit access to items.

Save time using automation

In addition, Precisely lets you set up predefined approval processes. In this way, contracts are automatically assigned to the right person for approval when ready. Together with the whole process in one place, staying on top of your changes is easier than before.

Trusted by legal, used by whole organisations

Automate your workflow

Collaborate and negotiate more efficiently while staying in control and reducing risks

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