Automated contract collaboration and negotiation

Build successful business relationships with your counterparties and your team. Unlock the power of the smoothest collaboration and negotiation with Precisely’s contract lifecycle management.

Achieving Success Through Collaboration

Efficient, clear and transparent collaboration is the foundation of any successful business. Negotiating, collaborating and reviewing contracts in Precisely gives all the stakeholders

  • Enhanced productivity and efficiency
  • Improved innovation and problem-solving
  • Strengthened relationships and teamwork
  • Greater adaptability and decision-making
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Negotiate and sign with external counterparties inside Precisely. No account needed for review or a signature.

Close deals faster, spend more time building relationships

With Precisely’s review features, the process of negotitation will never be painful. Involve all stakeholders and let them contribute to reaching the final agreement. You can allow others to

  • suggest and redline the content
  • leave comments in specific places
  • upload their own version of the contract

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Let others help you create contract drafts

Drafting a contract cannot go smoothly if you don’t have all the information yourself. Or, can it?

With Precisely, you can collaborate already during the drafting process and let your counterparties fill in the missing parts, such as their personal or company details. See how

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"We've chosen Precisely as a long term partner and we really appreciate their pragmatic and supportive approach to ensure our success with the platform. The CLM platform manages our advanced contract workflows well at scale and allows our legal team to share their workload in a controlled manner."

Markus Bertilson
General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, Food Folk Group

Stay in control, stay compliant

Contract history and audit

Collaborating on drafts and different contract versions often involves several internal and external stakeholders. Precisely lets you stay in full control with its advanced versioning and compare mode features. Easily track and manage different versions of your contracts, ensuring a clear audit trail and keeping the transparency of the process.

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Advanced contract approval

Precisely’s smart approval workflow lets you automate approvals for various contract stages. Allowing a flexible design of the workflow, approvers can be included even under a specific set of conditions. This ensures that each document is properly authorized before being sent for external negotiation or a signature.

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GDPR compliance

The Precisely platform follows the principles of GDPR in its design by, for example, limiting personal information collection, allowing maximized control of input fields in contracts by use of different types of questions (e.g. multiple choice, min/max values), providing clear helping and example text to any free-text field, and allowing easy-to-navigate access policies.

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Trusted by legal, used by whole organizations

Automate your workflow

Collaborate and negotiate more efficiently while staying in control

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