Contract approval

Ensure compliance and accelerate your contract turnaround by creating and automating advanced approval workflows.

1. Create

2. Control

3. Sign

4. Archive

5. Monitor

Automate the work, stay in control

With automated approvals, everything happens at the right time, with no delays.

  • The right people get automatically notified at the right time when their approval is needed
  • The project cannot move to the next stage until mandatory approvals have been executed
  • The complete audit trail ensures transparency of the process

With Precisely, you can achieve

10 x

faster contract creation

30 %

fewer manual legal tasks

80 %

more of contracts signed in a day

Create your own approval workflow

Precisely enables you to build fully customizable approvals. You can choose among

  • Initial approvals: a green light to start the external negotiations and further edits
  • Final approvals: locks the document and prevents any changes
  • Approval order: decide a specific or random approval order
  • Included approvers: decide if one or all approvers should approve
  • Smart rules: set up conditions for a specific approver – for example, if the price exceeds amount X, or if the contract regards Team A.

"When I discovered Precisely, my job went from being very admin heavy to being able to focus on the legal aspects behind contracts and decisions. I now spend my time on things that add value to our business."

Sofie Storckenfeldt
General Counsel at Stureplansgruppen

Access control

Set up the data access for your users and teams in an advanced, yet structured way.

  • Stay in full control by choosing which teams will have access to a specific group of contracts or templates
  • Keep clear visibility over the overall access structure


screenshot of the smart archive possibilities in Precisely clm

GDPR compliance

The Precisely platform follows the principles of GDPR in its design by, for example, limiting personal information collection, allowing maximized control of input fields in contracts by use of different types of questions (e.g. multiple choice, min/max values), providing clear helping and example text to any free-text field, and allowing easy-to-navigate access policies.

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Legally binding E-signature

Precisely offers 16 signing options. Keep a familiar workflow, environments your signees are comfortable in (e.g. DocuSign or Adobe Acrobat Sign), have different counterparties sign the same contract in their preferred way (e.g. Swedish BankID for your Swedish signees, and MitID for your Danish signees), and do everything contract-related – from drafting to archiving and monitoring – in the same spot: Precisely CLM platform.

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Keeping contracts secure is crucial to your business. Precisely uses TLS encryption and state-of-the-art server infrastructure with world-class standards. For maximized control of your data, there is also an option of custom hosting.

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User roles

  • Admins have full access and control of the settings
  • Managers can set up template and workflow automation, and work with content shared with them
  • Members can draft contracts from automated templates by answering a self-serving questionnaire
  • Viewers can view and audit content shared with them


image shows people working with contracting

"Since Precisely is so user-friendly, I can just set up the contracting templates that enable others to draft countless compliant agreements. Sometimes, I don’t have to be involved at all."

Karvan Guldstierna
Head of People at Key Solutions

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