Seamless contract intake with Precisely AI

Precisely AI simplifies the hassle of third-party contract intake. The AI quickly recognizes contract values and summarizes key points, so you can focus on work that matters.

Trusted by legal, used by whole organizations

Why Precisely AI?

Working with external contract intake with the help of the Precisely AI will:

  • Significantly save time to register contracts
  • Reduce the risk of human error
  • Eliminate time-consuming manual tasks

How does it work?

Precisely AI analyzes your external documents and suggests:

  • Contract description
  • Metadata points and values
  • Contract clauses
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With Precisely Contract Management, you can achieve

8 h

saved per contract

30 %

fewer manual legal tasks

25 x

faster contract turnaround

1. Create

2. Control

3. Sign

4. Archive

5. Monitor

Precisely’s Archive – Now AI-powered

A centralized contract repository system keeping all your contracts in one place.

  • Contract metadata let you filter, locate, and export a list of documents in seconds
  • Stay in control of the folder structure and custom access setting for different teams



a screenshot of the smart archive possibility in Precisely - small size

"But when it comes to archiving and looking at the bigger picture – the entire contracting lifecycle – Precisely is simply the best option. The archiving function is more intuitive, with smart search and grouping."

David Köröndi
General Counsel & Head of HR, Eton

A single source of truth for all your contracting matters

Precisely is a user-friendly platform for enterprise contract management. Complex contract workflows have never been easier, or more secure.

  • Manage & automate advanced contract workflows
  • Keep data secure and compliant
  • Create compliant contracts at scale
  • Share the workload, stay in control
  • Reduce the risk of human error
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"The risk of data being spread was so high that we needed a solution to ensure it would never happen again. That solution was Precisely."

Roel Schoenmakers
CFO at Plat4mation

Your EU-based, AI-powered CLM solution

Precisely focuses on innovation while keeping your data safe and secure within the borders of the EU – yes, even when using our AI-powered features.

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