Digital Contract Repository

Precisely’s smart archive is a centralized repository for all of your contracts. Organize, filter, analyze, and report in seconds.


Trusted by legal, used by whole organizations

All of your legacy contracts in one place

Precisely’s Archive is a central point for your contracts and their data insights

  • Import your old contracts to an all-in-one storage
  • Automatically store documents managed in Precisely
  • Add metadata points for quick filtering and analytics
  • Add reminders to trigger important notifications
  • Organize a folder structure and control user access

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"But when it comes to archiving and looking at the bigger picture – the entire contracting lifecycle – Precisely is simply the best option. The archiving function is more intuitive, with smart search and grouping."

David Köröndi
General Counsel & Head of HR, Eton

With Precisely, you can achieve

8 h

saved per contract

30 %

fewer manual legal tasks

25 x

faster contract turnaround

1. Create

2. Control

3. Sign

4. Archive

5. Monitor

Contract Analytics

With the help of metadata and other smart conditions, you’re able to:

  • Apply advanced filtering to locate a specific group of contracts
  • Export a list of chosen contracts with a simple click

If you work with third-party document intake, you can even let Precisely AI do the work for you. Read more

"Having all our contracts in one place means a lot when we are approaching investors. It has a direct effect on our valuation and indirectly in growing our business even further."

Edvin Brobeck

Reminders and alerts

Precisely reminders make sure the right people are notified of important dates and follow-up actions for any contract-related matters.

A notification when a contract is signed, or when the renewal or renegotiation is needed?

Let the Precisely Reminders do the work.

Access control

Set up a folder access policy for your users and teams.

  • Stay in full control by choosing which teams will have access to a specific group of contracts
  • Keep clear visibility over the overall access structure
screenshot of the smart archive possibilities in Precisely clm