How General Counsels ensure efficient legal operations

Unleash your team’s potential by ensuring your legal tech stack provides smart contract management. Less time wasted on repetitive fixes, more time for value-adding initiatives.

Take control of your legal contract management while reducing risk

Control and oversight of an organisation’s contracts is a huge part of the role of general counsel and the legal team. Both in-house and external counsel spend too much time trying to limit ad hoc changes to approved templates. Contract control is often a potential drain on the scarce time and resources of the CLO and legal team.

However, Precisely gives your team back their time by delivering a solution that makes legal control and compliance easy. This is done through automated workflows and user permissions. We give lawyers more time to focus on the more complex and strategic tasks instead.

Benefits of automation

By allowing business units to be self-serving, while seamlessly staying within legal-approved guidelines, Precisely improves internal efficiency and reduces workloads through automation.

Precisely aims to achieve the same goals as you do — to make contracting safe and efficient.


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Smart features help your contracting process become more efficient

Every general counsel and legal team knows, of course, that contract management can be time-consuming! With this in mind, Precisely makes sure you won’t be stuck copying and pasting for hours. Instead, you can manage your contracts centrally by setting up a database of pre-approved automated templates. By setting up your automated templates in the platform, anyone can create compliant and consistent contracts in just minutes.

Furthermore, you streamline the entire contract creation process, not just the drafting. With Precisely, you control changes to contracts by setting user-level permissions. With these in place, you can automate the workflow and approval processes while insuring compliance.


Template & workflow automation features

Keeping an eye on all your contracts has never been easier

Precisely makes contract management easier while keeping all of your contracts together in one secure place. The centralised cloud-based repository is accessible via an intuitive dashboard. This gives you, and also your team, a clear overview of important information regarding your contracts. Overall, you get access to signature status, expiry date, important deadlines, and which contracts are awaiting approval.

Smart search

Furthermore, your digital archive is, of course, fully searchable. In fact, Precisely’s smart search and filtering makes sure you can always find whatever you’re looking for in an instant. From anywhere, at any time.

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Oversee and streamline all contract-related processes

With Precisely, your team can take control of the whole contract lifecycle. In addition, you can set up smart reminders and receive alerts for any event. The monitoring features also let you stay on top of all actions that need to be taken, such as a contract expiry or renewal.

With the integrated and legally binding e-signing feature, you can reduce the signing time from weeks to as little as hours, or even minutes. And depending on your choice, documents can be sent for signing only after the defined automatic approval processes by general counsel are completed.


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