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Automated CLM solutions for managing and administrating all types of contracts

  • Increase control and improve overall performance
  • Remove bottlenecks in collaboration through automation
  • Stay on top of renewals and other milestones
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Increase control and improve overall performance

A CLM software solution is used to maximize the performance of contracts through the whole lifecycle, while ensuring compliance and minimizing risk. Precisely lets you optimize your contract lifecycle from the initial request to the renewal of the contracts. As a result, you’ll free up countless hours while gaining increased control and reducing costs.

We provide you with the means for both compliant and resource efficient contract lifecycle management. In fact, our goals are the same as yours — to make contract management smart and simple.

Remove bottlenecks with automation

CLM software not only improves your management and collaboration, but also saves so much time on contract creation. Authoring contracts manually is, without a doubt, inefficient and time-consuming. However, Precisely’s automated contract creation lets anyone in your team create compliant contracts that are consistent and error-free, regardless of length or complexity through questionnaire-based templates.

In addition, Precisely streamlines your organisation’s contract workflow with end-user permission levels to control who is authorized to make changes to contract terms and wording, as well as automated approval flows, to combat the most common instance of bottlenecks.

Since the system is so user-friendly, I can just set up the contracting templates that enable others to draft countless compliant agreements. Sometimes, I don’t have to be involved at all.

Karvan Guldstierna
Head of People at Key Solutions

Taking control of your contracts has never been easier

Precisely’s contract lifecycle management system gives you an overall view of your contracts and their statuses. Through an intuitive dashboard, you can quickly find information regarding your contracts, such as signings, approvals or expirations. Plus, the secure cloud-based central repository lets you gather all of your legal documents in one place. While smart search and filtering ensure that you’re always able to find any contract you’re looking for in a matter of seconds.

Optimize the longevity of your contracts

In reality, traditional ways of storing contracts in file folders result in a lack of control. With many contractual events you need to stay ahead of, such as renewals, renegotiations and terminations, Precisely lets you keeps track of these events in detail with smart notifications that you can set for any event in the contract lifecycle. As a result, you’ll never lose business revenue due to missed renewals.

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