HubSpot + Precisely Contract Management

Integrate your contract workflow with HubSpot. Let your sales team create, send and sign compliant contracts from your latest templates, all within the CRM system.

  • Close deals faster
  • Minimise risk of error
  • Collaborate with control

Not only did Precisely help solve our short-term issues, but having it integrated with our CRM helps us to efficiently create contracts as well as keep visibility on them.

Marc-Aurèle Jules
Senior VP of Operations at Supercede

80 %

faster contract turnaround

8 h

saved per contract

30 %

less manual legal tasks

Close deals faster

Precisely’s HubSpot integration lets your sales team create contracts independently directly from your CRM tool. Contract signing through HubSpot has never been easier. With preset approval workflows in place, business suffers no bottlenecks.

  • Enable self-serve sales contracts
  • Ensure compliance with preset structures

“Our sales contracts are now always correct without us having to go back and forth. The leadership team creates a contract version based on questions and the sales team then simply fills in the correct information. Precisely takes so much work off our shoulders.”

Sabrina Beer
Sales Administrator at Foleon

Minimise risk of error

Save time by inputting data in just one system. The integration automatically syncs Precisely and HubSpot. This means the data in your document management is always accurate in both places and sales contracts are compliant by default.

  • Enable sales to use the system they love
  • Ensure accuracy with automatic two-way sync

"It’s amazing to be able to include formulas in our commercial agreement to avoid any manual calculation mistakes and guarantee the quality of our metadata. Only Precisely could offer what we needed."

Fiona Konetzky
VP of Legal & Compliance at Adverity

Collaborate with control

Integrate Precisely with your CRM for seamless end-to-end contract and document management. Enable all parts of your organisation to collaborate throughout your contract workflows, so sales can keep moving while you ensure legal stays in control.

"Since Precisely is so user-friendly, I can just set up the contracting templates that enable others to draft countless compliant agreements. Sometimes, I don’t have to be involved at all."

Karvan Guldstierna
Head of People at Key Solutions

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Integrate contracting with HubSpot


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Streamline and centralise
An end-to-end platform for all your contracting needs
Reduce costs and mitigate risks
Sophisticated automation and secure data handling
Communicate and integrate
Easy collaboration with all stakeholders and other platforms

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"The time we save by using Precisely easily equals what a full-time employee would cost each month, which is a major efficiency improvement."

Karvan Guldstierna
Head of People at Key Solutions