The benefits of a CLM system – cheat sheet

Investing in a solid process for your contracting work will pay back. We compiled the central benefits of a CLM system into one, handy cheat sheet that is easy to bookmark or share with colleagues.

Increase your efficiency with smooth workflows and processes

Reduce contract time

Accelerate time to revenue

Increase workforce productivity

Break down silos

Enable remote work

Become an easy business partner

Increase employee satisfaction and retention

Make your business scalable

Keep everything related to contracting in one place

Integrate contracting into your workflow

Increase quality through better control, consistency gains, and compliance

Get on top of your contracting

Control what each individual can do

Appropriate legal involvement

Create contracts without a background in law

Transparency into workload

Transparency into contract changes

Ensure compliant contracts

Helps you remember important events

Money talk: cost savings or added revenues

Spend less working hours on contracting

Avoid contract value leakage

Reducing the risks of penalty

Retain customers

Don’t miss out on revenue opportunities

Decrease costs from signatures

And last, but not least: the risks of not having a CLM system

Compliance risk

Security risks

The competition will get ahead

Employee retention

Alternative cost

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