Embedded e-signing for a smoother signing experience

Let counterparties sign contracts, proposals, quotes, and more – directly in your app or website.

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Trusted by legal, used by whole organizations

Embedded signing through API

With Precisely’s public rest API, embed the signing process within your own environment. Users can view and sign the document without leaving your app or website.

Integrate our contract lifecycle management software into your own environment with our public API

More than just embedded signing

Contract management has long been seen has the ultimate business bottleneck. Change the status quo today – automate your contract management workflow from start to finish. With Precisely’s features like document automation, document generation, approval workflows, and archiving, you can automate the entire contract management process. Our CLM becomes a building block for your business.

  • Create
  • Control
  • E-sign
  • Archive
  • Monitor

With Precisely, you can achieve

80 %

more of contracts signed in a day

8 h

saved per contract

25 x

faster contract turnaround

Setting up a simple NDA used to take 10 minutes, but with Precisely it takes less than 2. Saving time in contract creation has had a huge impact on our ability to manage new businesses and to sign new influencers.

Daniel Boutigny
General Counsel at NA-KD

The API developer license

You can integrate Precisely’s functionalities with your favorite apps and software through the Precisely Contract Automation API.

Precisely’s features can be used with almost any other system. Examples of Precisely functionality that can be performed in connection with your other software using integrations include:

  • automated contract creation based on data in e.g. your CRM, ERP, or HR system,
  • sending contracts for e-signing directly from a third-party system (in your environment or via email invitation link),
  • exporting copies of executed contracts and backups to your current software suite,
  • and more.
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